About Umergence

Our mission is to help you do something with the potential of your ideas. We all have good ideas, but too few of us ever do anything with them. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, and when we do it’s hard to get the guidance or funding we need at the right time. We created Umergence to be a solution to these stumbling blocks. We wanted a platform where people could work on ideas together, raise capital when they need it, and hire help, all in one place. All these aspects of entrepreneurship have been traditionally independent, but the greatest incubators and accelerators bring them together. We wanted to build a platform where everyone could enjoy those same benefits. We wanted to build a platform to unite individuals through their common interests and where, together, we can develop and fund what we’re passionate about. We hope that you will find great value in Umergence where we hope to build a community that fosters success!