How can I start a business with no money and no idea where to start but I know what type of business I want?

It starts with an idea that solves a problem. If you come across something that can be improved that would save you time or make your life easier… chances are that it will help others too. The question then becomes how many other people have that same problem. This leads to a market size for that problem. If there are enough people who have that problem then the solution you have to that problem may be a viable business.

You can continue to develop on your solution and define additional attributes to determine if it is a viable business idea such as the costs of producing the idea and how much people are willing to pay for your idea.

To reduce your risk of bringing your idea to market, I would invite you to the Umergence community who can help you validate your idea. The validation that you receive from the community can help you determine all the factors described earlier so that you don’t start building on your idea until you know that is solve the problem for many people and is a viable business.

When you have your idea validated, Umergence can help you with crowdfunding your idea to raise the money you need to build it. Umergence offers Rewards based campaigns like Kickstarter, donation based like GoFundMe and securities based campaigns like Equity, Debt, Revenue Sharing, Convertible Debt or Future Equity. We can help you raise the money you need based on what is best for your business. Umergence is a fully licensed broker/dealer to help you structure many different type of deal terms.

You will need help along the way, Umergence also has a community of service providers that you can hire to help you in areas of the business that you may not be an expert. Once you have a following for your idea, the rewarding feeling of seeing your idea coming to life is the most amazing feeling and the icing on the cake is when you hear from your customers: Thank you we couldn’t have done it without you. It makes it all worth while. I invite you to join the community and wish you all the success!