How do I make an investment and what happens when I make an investment?

If you see an “Invest” button on an offering you are interested in, clicking it will start the process.
After inputting some basic identification information (if you haven’t already provided it in your
profile), we’ll need to collect some additional information about you for suitability and regulatory
purposes in the screens that follow. You’ll receive a confirmation notification of your investment
after it’s complete. Until the close of the offering, your investment will be held by a qualified third-
party in an FDIC insured escrow account. If the campaign does not successfully meet its target,
your investment will be refunded.

If you don’t see an “Invest” button on an offering, you may need to verify certain information (such
as your location or status as an accredited investor) because of restrictions that may apply to a
specific campaign. first regulatory approvals, and if it's accepted, you receive shares at the end of
the offering.

When an investment commitment has been received, investors will receive notice of confirmation
that includes:

  • The dollar amount of the investment;
  • The price of the securities;
  • The name of the issuer;
  • And the date and time by which the investor can cancel the investment commitment.

When an investment campaign closes successfully after reaching its target, investors will receive
notice that their purchase of securities has been completed. This notice will include:

  • The date of the transaction;
  • Type of security purchased;
  • Purchase price;
  • Specified terms of the security;
  • Number of securities sold by the issuer;
  • And the source, form, and amount of compensation earned by Umergence in connection with the transaction.

If an offering does not close successfully (for example, the targeted investment goal was not
achieved), Umergence will within five business days, provide investors with notification that the
offering has terminated and direct the qualified third party holding investor funds to return those
funds to the investors.