Idea Builder - Business Plan - 1 - Intro

Business Plan - Intro

If you want to refine and tune your business model, this is the place to start. We’ve distilled the most successful theories of business plan creation to their simplest components. The default template of a Umergence Idea Page gets you started with this guideline.

The most important part of any new business (and its ability to bring in capital) is a clear, concise business model that can be easily understood. It also needs to be scalable.

Start with the materials and assumptions you currently have, and leverage feedback through Umergence to refine the model. Once it’s sharpened and validated, you’ll be able to create a great investor pitch with the business plan as a foundation.

Let’s get started.

Any of the following buttons on the Umergence homepage can be used to create a new idea. If you don’t already have one started, click here to emerge a new idea.




Once you have your idea page started, continue this tutorial here.