Idea Builder - Freeform Idea - 3 - Idea Plan

Freeform Idea - Idea Plan


The Idea Plan template sections are merely suggestions. You can create custom sections and don’t have to use any template sections. Only sections to complete will be displayed on the page; everything else will be hidden.

Each section you create can receive its own independent feedback through comments and votes.

You can edit each section and invite others to do the same as you see fit.

Sections can be dragged and dropped to reorder with the grid icon image
Sections can be edited by clicking the edit icon image

You can expand the edit window while editing by clicking and dragging the triangle icon image in the lower right corner of the edit window.

To create a Custom Section scroll below the template sections to the blank custom section creator.



You can add custom sections as needed, or come back to the editor anytime to add more. What you use them for is up to you. You can use details, sketches, charts, graphs, tables, videos – anything that helps express your idea.


Click Continue to move on to the next step when you’re ready.

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