Idea Builder - Freeform Idea - 4 - Team Members

Freeform Idea - Team Members


Add new team member - You can search for users in the Umergence network to add by typing in the search. If the member does not have a Umergence account, clicking “+invite user” will open an option to send a Umergence Invite to their email. They will become part of the contributing team once they accept the invite. Idea pages are private by default and can only been seen by you and your team. To make an idea page public, you must click the “publish” button on the page . Once an idea page is public, anyone will be able to vote and contribute feedback to the page.

You can return to the editor to add more people to the team, edit and add new sections at any time. When you’re satisfied for now, click “Finish” or “Go To Idea” to view your finished page.


You can access the editor of an idea you created by viewing the idea page and clicking the image button.

By default, your page is private and only accessible by those you invite to your team. It can be made publicly viewable by clicking the image button.

To quickly access your ideas when logged in, the image icon will open your activity menu.


If you get stuck, contact the Umergence team at


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