Idea Builder - Investor Pitch - 1 - Intro

Idea Builder - Investor Pitch - Intro

The goal of your investor pitch is to develop relationships with potential investors and get a dialogue going around potential funding. Once you’re generating interest and positive feedback from potential investors, you’ll be able to determine the optimal way to raise capital. The Umergence team will be by your side to help you through this process. An investor pitch should be framed around showcasing the potential of your business as an investment while building trust and credibility with potential investors.

We recommend building a custom Idea page around the following sections to make it easier for investors to engage with you and get the most relevant information quickly and clearly. The following sections are based off strategies sourced from the most successful accelerator programs, venture funds, and startup research from around the globe. Use this tutorial as a guideline, but tailor each section to the most relevant information for your business.

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