Rewards Campaign Builder - Screen 6 - Rewards

Rewards Campaign Builder - Screen 6 - Rewards

Rewards are attained by anyone investing the specified pledge amount to your campaign. You can set multiple pledge amounts with different rewards. Typically the higher the dollar value someone pledges should give the person who pledged a higher reward. Each reward has 4 values that are required.

  • Pledge is the pledge amount in order to receive that reward. Be sure to set the pledge value at an appropriate value that will entice the Umergence community to pledge to your campaign.

  • Title is the title that reward will be referred as on your campaign page

  • Description is the description of that reward. Be sure to be specific so that people who pledge to your campaign will be excited to pledge to the reward.

  • Estimate delivery is when any person who pledges to your campaign should expect the reward to arrive. It may take some time to fulfill the orders be sure to allow adequate time to ensure you could fill all the request by the time you set. Consider any risks that could potentially delay the delivery.

  • Shipping Type is where you intend on shipping the product or providing the service. Be sure to determine the final weight and associated costs of shipping when setting the shipping type.

  • Limit Quantity allows for limitations to the number of rewards that are available for each type.

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