Security Campaign Builder - 1 - Intro

Security Campaign Builder - 1 - Intro

Thank you for choosing Umergence to help you raise money. If you’re unsure as to which type of investment campaign to consider, you can find more resources here.

The following visual guide will walk through and describe the equity campaign creation process.

Above is the first panel of the campaign builder. The fields on this panel will help determine the structure of a campaign and should be considered carefully before proceeding.


The Campaign name is the title the campaign will use and be searchable by. This name will be displayed in Umergence on the list of campaigns, and also in the unique URL address for the campaign that can be shared and linked to. This might just be the name of the company, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


The Minimum amount raising is the lowest amount you will accept for a successful offering. If this amount is not reached, your backers and investors will be refunded. In a rewards or securities campaign this is the lowest amount you will be able to utilize to achieve your campaign goals. This amount may not be your maximum target – you can set a Maximum later in the campaign builder.

Rewards campaigns will allow you to raise money for yourself and a project, or a formally established company or organization. For regulatory purposes, if you are creating an investment campaign, you will need to do it in the name of a company or organization.

Different campaign types will require you to provide different information. Selecting a type will tailor the campaign building wizard to the needs of your choice. You can learn more about the different choices of security types here.

Some states allow you to limit your regulatory obligations by raising money only within the state you do business in (intrastate exemption’s). You can find out more about these rules here. To see if your state has intrastate exemptions, one list of resources can be found here.

If you do not want to limit your offering to your home state, select no, and you will be asked which type of investors you would like to seek.

Targeting the general public for your campaign means BOTH accredited and non-accredited investors will be able to contribute. You can learn more about who the SEC considers an accredited investor here. You can also target ONLY accredited investors in your campaign. This will limit the amount of people who could potentially contribute but could ease your reporting and regulatory requirements. You can learn more about different offering types and their features here.

Be sure to consult your legal counsel when considering options for an investment campaign.

Click “Save and continue” when you are finished with this panel of the wizard. The next section of this tutorial can be found here.