Rewards Campaign Builder - Screen 7 - Extras

Rewards Campaign Builder - Screen 7 - Extras

Add Documents
Provide any relevant documents that will support your Rewards Campaign. Any documents uploaded here will appear on your Rewards Campaign page.

Executing a Rewards Campaign can be challenging. The following analytics could be added to your Rewards Campaign to determine what marketing efforts you did were the most effective.

  • Google Analytics Tracking ID
    If you create a free Google Analytics ID number, you could provide it here to collect statistics on your page as your campaign is live. To obtain a Google Analytics ID, please follow the instructions provided by Google from the following page.
    Once you have created your account you will receive a google tracking ID, UA-XXXXXXXXX-X, add the google tracking ID to this field. As soon as your campaign goes live you can view your Campaign statistics in Google Analytics to determine the best ways to reach your customers.

  • Google Adwords Conversion Pixel

  • Google Adwords Remarketing Pixel

  • Facebook Tracking Pixel

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